• The last few days…

    I thought I'd recap the events of the last few days. Needless to say, I've been enjoying myself :-).
    Sunday I was on the chat and, for some reason, became highly aroused. I am often highly aroused while chatting but this time it was a bit more intense. I signed off, inserted my Eupho, and climbed into bed. The session only lasted about 1/2 hour but it was phenomenal. I ended with a super-t after removing the Eupho. My Eupho has been treating me very very well these days.
    Sunday night I had a very nice anerosless session before bed. I was able to come down from it and go to sleep. I was awakened at about 3am by pwaves. I rode these for a little while and had a "quickie", then went back to sleep. About 7am, I woke up and had another anerosless session that lasted about an hour. It was fairly normal although perhaps a little more intense than most.
    Last night (monday), I had a new and unique experience. I assume the previous two days prepped me for it. I often have spontaneous pwaves and mini-o's but they always happen when I completely relax. Last night, they came on me while I was messing on the computer and watching TV. This is very unusual. I rode them for a while, then switched to looking at some porn. Things took off like a rocket. I had many exteme dry-o's. My penis was pulsing like crazy and the feelings spread over my body. At times, the pulses blended together so it was hard to tell if the pulsing had stopped or not. It seemed like pleasure was being pumped throughout my entire body. I spent about an hour like this. It was incredible.
    What made this experience more unique was that I was able to use my mind to "push" the arousal higher. In the past, I have been focusing on relaxing and letting the arousal build on its own. This time, I wanted to see if I could push it. I know this is contrary to the advice everyone gives, but I was experimenting. It worked very well except it tended to drive me to want to ejaculate. When I relax and let things happen, I don't feel this urge nearly as much.
    In any case, I decided to go with the feelings. So, I stripped down to nothing and climbed into bed. For the next 20 minutes or so, I did a combination of stroking and touching, stopping sometimes to build arousal with my mind. I stroked my cock, rubbed my nipples, and lightly touched my neck, chest, and stomach. I was squirming and writhing on the bed from the pleasure. I finally ended with a mind-blowing ejaculation. It was, without a doubt, the best and most intense semi-traditional masturbation session I've ever had.
    As usual, retelling a story like this gets me going. I've been having a series of mini-o's while typing this. I just stopped after that previous sentence to have a moderate dry-o. It's only been 8 hours since my ejaculation last night. Incredible…

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      11/23/2010at2:20 pm

      Rook: Based on what you said, I'm not sure I topped you. It sounds like your weekend was pretty wild too.

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