• The Helix attacks

    Gave the Helix Syn another whirl today. I was in no rush, so I knew I had as much time as I needed/wanted. Usual breathing exercises and warmups. Started with a low-level )baseline( contraction & I immediately felt a tingle. Slowing increased the pressure of the contraction in increments until I stopped feeling something or fatigue set in. Did this several times. Felt one moderate strength orgasm )strongest one I've had without a vibrator( and several smaller ones during the session. Towards the latter part of the session, I experimented with very strong contractions. I felt like it was promising, but couldn't hold it more than a couple minutes. Guess that will get better once those muscles get stronger. Also might try more pre-lube. Using about 3.5 ml…might try 5 ml next time to see if I can get more movement.
    After I was done and removed the Helix, I could feel a tingling on my prostate for several hours afterwards. First time that has happened. I have felt the tingling at random times, but never immediately after a session. Quite a pleasant surprise.

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