• The beginning

    I’m creating this blog to track my own progress. but will be adding more details than I would need for myself in case anyone else reads it and finds it helpful.

    This is my introduction in the forum….. https://community.aneros.com/community/forum/general-discussion/166053-a-new-world

    June/July 2019 I started exploring anal play, I had no clue what I was doing. And while I had explored it a time or two when I was young and never seem to do anything for me. And I also had all sorts of societal hang ups as a straight male RE: gay, this is just wrong, etc.

    But this time I discovered finger fucking myself created an extra level of pleasure to my masturbation sessions. And so I progressed and started using a toothbrush and that was even better. At this point I decided I needed something specifically designed for this. So I ordered a vibrating butt plug. I still had no clue about prostate massage nor had I yet heard about Aneros. I was simply exploring ramping up sexual pleasure and was pretty clueless.

    It took about a week for the new toy to arrive and while I was waiting for it I was reading things on the internet. And I ran across this Aneros website. I read all about prostate massage and how to have a “session”. My initial thoughts were, oh boy, this sounds intimidating and seemed like a long learning curve, not so sure I wanted to go there. All these posts were so foreign to me, yet it had enough of an intriguing spin that I was interested and I continued to read as I waited for the new toy.

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