• The beauty of large and relaxing into it.

    So last night I made more progress in my Aneros sessions, and had what I believe to be the most intense pleasurable sensations so far. Wow! The Progasm seems to be the model that my body likes and responds to the most right now. Even though I briefly switched out to the Eupho during the session, it didn't really do much this time. So the Progasm went back in for more fun times! 😀
    I find that there is something really important that the larger models teach me, which likely includes the Maximus and Vice, even though I don't own those models. The thing about it, is that the larger size of the Progasm really teaches me to relax my anal, PC, and rectal muscles that much more due to its size. The smaller models can't do this. And the thing is, that the more I relax, the more stronger and more consistent the involuntary anal contractions occur, and they become more pleasurable, and the more my prostate swells in arousal and becomes quite sensitive and pleasurable feeling from the massage my contractions are causing, and the swelling of my prostate makes everything that much more tighter/snug back there, which causes me to try and relax even more, and the result of all this is that my pleasurable sensations increase significantly with all this. And I have to say I just love the “hugging” feeling the Progasm gives me around my prostate when it swells in arousal. It provides an amazing amount of stimulation in that area.
    This whole concept and the positive and pleasurable results from it is not something I could understand or experience early on in my Aneros journey. )I'm talking about the “relax, and do nothing” approach( This took a really long time for me to get to this point. I'm at about six years and four months into it total. And I didn't begin to get this concept until approximately five and half years in. Yeah, I'm the one that is taking a long time to make progress towards achieving super-O's. But the progress sure is so sweet!

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      03/29/2013at7:56 am

      I don't often use my progasm, because I find it quite hard to relax with it. Maybe having more time with the Progasm will teach me to relax a bit more! Interesting stuff

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