• The Adventure and The re-Discovery of my Eupho Syn

    This is a two part entry describing some of my recent activities. 
    First, I have learned the hard way that rushing the process of inserting my Aneros device in for a session can have bad consequences specially if it’s my Progasm Ice (I often refer to it as my nuclear sub). 
    A few weeks ago, I was in the basement TV room preparing to have a much anticipated session. I had lubed up and had started to insert my PI (first hump was in) when I heard my wife’s footsteps on the main floor.  In a panic, I had a choice of pulling it out and depositing it on a tissue then slide it under the couch or continue to push it in as fast as possible.  Yea, you guessed it, I picked the stupid option and pushed it in much faster than I should have.  I felt the strain of the moment but I continued with my session as I realised the footsteps upstairs were a false alarm.
    I was happy to have escaped an embarrassing situation and congratulated myself for always having a plan to handle any unforseen events during my sessions.   I proceeded to enjoy my full session.
    The ugly consequences of my decision surfaced the next morning while having my daily BM.  My long-time dormant bleeding hemorrhoids condition came back with a vengeance (the bleeding that is).  Since then, the bleeding continues with every BM.  This should be a warning to all who rush into things but mostly to myself!
    Now, for the second part of the entry, the better part of the two. 
    Thursday morning, my wife went to town and I was eager for a session, the first of four in three days. considering my condition, I opted for my least favorite and least intrusive massager, my Eupho Syn.  I picked it for it’s slim design and girth while being able to reach deep deep in the  poop canal.  I used it exclusively for the four sessions (average 2 to 2.5 hours each). 
    Well, to my surprise, in those sessions, this little puppy gave me some of my very best sessions ever starting right from the moment I inserted it in the first one.  I grossly underestimated this tool.  I realise now, it is a great massager that can easily be moved around by very minute movement from any of my floor muscles.  This thing was dancing around with my prostate while it was caressing my pre-cum factory (seminal vesicle) not to mention the great feelings it provided to my sphincter, the poop chute.
    For me, I rarely get an erection before, during or even after a session regardless of the massager I use. To my surprise, the Eupho Syn differed from the norm and gave my member some pretty good workouts during my four sessions; erect, limp. erect, limp and on an on.  It felt pretty good.
    I must say that one of the​ best side effects of having used my E-Syn has been the amazing Aless sessions I have been experiencing since my last session. Is this coincidental or is it really the E-Syn leaving lasting effects?
    The Eupho Syn is one of the least discussed model in the forum. I acquired it well over eight months ago and only used it a few times before this little adventure. It was not doing much for me and I often considered it a waste of my money.
    Today, I feel it has earned it’s place in my valued collection of five Aneros models. From this moment on, I will give it the respect it deserves.
    Finally, the moral of my story (to myself) is, take the time to setup properly and don’t cut corners. I was lucky to find a silver lining and I realise things could have been a lot worst.
    Life is wonderful!


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      07/12/2017at6:17 pm

      @GGringo, I was sorry to hear of your recurrence of your hemorrhoids following your abrupt abort of your Aneros session. I hope that your hemorrhoids are healing nicely.
      I have both Eupho Classic and Eupho Syn, both which I enjoy. Maybe someday I will use Eupho Syn again so that I can focus on its delicate massage action!

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      07/15/2017at3:47 pm

      @GGringo, congrats to your just achieved milestone of discovering Eupho Syn’s capability to induce long lasting Aless echoes of its usage. This tiny tool is an amazing weapon. To me it seems to push my Aless from one level to the next, everytime I use it. Even if or because I only take it in every other week or once a month it didn’t ever dissapoint me. I would even recommend to wait at least a week between two sessions. This seems to make at least my gland recall the Eupho Syn session and to make this amazing Aless possible. Good vibes!

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