• Tempo, my spark plug to a stellar Progasm Classic performance, January 22

    Hi guys,
    I had a fairly busy Saturday and Sunday this past weekend which left me pretty much exhausted late yesterday at sunset. I went to bed uncommonly early at 7:30 p.m. The Nutty Buddy athletic cup not only felt good last night but enabled me to sleep like a baby.
    I heartily recommend the Nutty Buddy for those of you who play contact sports, especially baseball. This athletic cup is designed to be worn in a pouch of an ordinary jockstrap which is worn over compression shorts or a boxer brief. Hence the Nutty Buddy actually “floats” adding to its comfort. Mark Littell, retired MLB great and now for many years a baseball coach designed an athletic cup not only contain a guy’s “junk,” e.g. his penis and testicles in areas almost like chambers in the cup, but also has a extended lower tail to cover a guy’s perineum or taint. This configuration gives maximum coverage to the player against errant baseballs. I, for one, love this maximum coverage as I sleep in this cup at night, plus this cup is ideal for the Kegels in the still of the night.
    So in a sense last night, I had a good four/five hours of foreplay all the while diddling my nipples from time to time while wearing an Under Armour cold gear mock shirt. It was so sweet when I did all this. I was more than ready for session this morning just after five a.m.
    Once again I started with subtle Kegels and relaxed breathing with Tempo. This morning I paid attention to Tempo’s penetration in my bunghole. It seemed to be stimulating my prostate! It did that of its own accord, even though I did very little.
    I have noticed that, when I began using Tempo in late December, it magnifies and intensifies the performance of other Aneros models. Also now, I hardly have to anything. The other Aneros models do the work. Progasm Classic this morning really shone its performance. But wow, when I used a series of Kegels with Progasm Classic this morning, it did even better!
    Now at this writing, I have an Aless brimming with pure energy which begs Kegels to increase even further, sweet, powerful pleasure! Take care!

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