• Taking a break gives new focus

    So I took a short break from my Aneros since last Thursday when I ejaculated. And decided that I would wait until my body lets me know when it is ready to continue again. So last night while sitting at the computer, I notice that I was doing some anal and PC muscle flexes and they were feeling really good! So that was my cue to start my no-Aneros warm up while looking at porn. And I specifically made it a point not to take too long with this. The reason being I've been wondering lately if the reason my Aneros sessions seem to die out well under an hours time is because I expend a lot of my arousal in the no-Aneros session. (If that's even possible???) So I ended up having the best Aneros session in a while! No orgasmic events. But lot's of really nice pleasure. And my penis hardly even intruded. It's like it thankfully went to sleep and my anus and prostate were the ones awake. I'm not sure if my chosen technique did this, or it was a freak occurrence. But it makes the world of difference in my own experience. What I chose to do was to concentrate on relaxing and breathing. And the interesting thing is that I notice so much more subtle sensations going this route. I even got that almost painful ache in my prostate. Which as I recall occurred just before I had my one and only mini-O so far. So perhaps I was close to having a dry orgasmic event again.
    I think what is really interesting for me is the change in mentality and approach from taking a short break. Prior to this, I felt like I was trying too hard to get pleasure from the Aneros. And it obviously was not working and only making me frustrated. So it was a healthy thing to step away from it for a few days and give me a new perspective, more patience, and less expectation.
    I find it odd though, that my sessions really do seem to have an end where my arousal dies out. And if I'm in the state like last night where I'm all relaxed, I'm satisfied and content. Where otherwise if not, I likely am sexually frustrated and have to practice some control not to masturbate. Sometimes I can bring back the arousal. But it seems to take a lot of effort, and most of the time it's nothing amazing. Once I got to this point last night, I took out my Helix and inserted the larger of the two advance Peridise set, and realized pretty quickly that nothing pleasurable was going to happen. If the arousal isn't there, pleasure doesn't seem to happen on it's own from just having a toy up your ass. LOL So that ended the session.

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      10/20/2010at1:12 pm

      Hey, I have been gone from here for awhile and I just wanted to say hello. Looks like your still making progress. I am still enjoying these things immensely. Enjoy!!

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