• Surprising new peaks

    I feel like I have been masturbating the wrong way all of my life. Tonight's session was simply amazing. After a few weeks of lackluster sessions I think I am finally developing a technique that consistently works for me.
    The session was pretty typical at the start; I spent about 20 minutes working the contractions and trying to concentrate on any good feelings I could conjure up. Eventually I have a small dry o followed by another soon after. Then, I found myself in a valley for like 15 minutes… I very seriously thought about quitting for the night but something made me keep going, I'm glad I did.
    Eventually I was back in O territory and manage to get a couple of small supers. Soon, I found that super o's got easier if I get them consecutively. It was the best kind of vicious cycle ever! Now, within seconds of a super O ending I was able to quickly get another. Every consecutive super got longer and more intense.
    At one point I was in the middle of a super and made a conscious effort to continue the exact same contractions that began it. It was the craziest thing, I felt like I was building another O within this one. I couldn't imagine what kind of an orgasm might be achieved if I was successful but I did end up extending that super-O longer than most so it was a win-win!
    Eventually after a few more O's I got to the point where the next O didn't quite come so easy, I guess my body was coasting to a stop, lol. I sure wasn't disappointed with what I achieved so I finally called it quits. I summoned a large amount of will and decided not to jerk off at the end. I really want to drive the point home to my body that these aneros sessions are a perfectly valid form of sexual release. I'm not sure if that kind of conditioning will work but I am willing to try anything for a repeat performance of tonight!

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