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    During yesterday’s chat I was reminded of the experience of Jill Bolte Taylor, a brain scientist who analyzed the effects of her own stroke:

    Watching her intriguing and wonderfully articulate talk again, I was struck by her description of her dips into “right-hemisphere consciousness”—because it is very similar to how I was feeling after one of my marathon Aneros sessions (blog title “Fifth session—wonderful and bizarre”). Yet more evidence of how all things are connected…
    Also during yesterday’s chat I was starting to get onto a mini-orgasmic high, and after it ended decided to pop in the Helix. Well, during the ensuing session I think I definitely reached a new plateau…
    It started out innocently enough: some music, some erotic pictures, some dim lighting… usually the first 30 minutes or so are not very intense, just some (mostly involuntary) contractions while I explore the sensuality of the human body with my mind.
    Soon though I started to feel the little tickling sensation around my prostate that wanted to become something more. I focused my awareness on it, and by doing so it began to blossom… mini-Os, then dry-Os… At some point there was no further use in looking at erotic material, as it was all absorbed into my mind and there was much more it seemed I was able to do with it there. My eyes shut (or turned back into my head, I’m not sure which) and I was adrift in pre-orgasmic waves of pleasure and erotic thought.
    Physically, I’ve found that the more I am able to withstand the orgasmic energies without letting them escape into shaking and spasms, the more pleasure I am able to feel. I’m getting better at this; one of the techniques I use is to “grab” the energies with my awareness and pull them up my spine and into other parts of my body.
    As I was doing this last night I began to feel an intense pleasure build up until it demanded a full clenching of PC muscles and a great magnificent orgasm ensued for several seconds. Then just as it began to decay, I could feel my anal muscles manipulating the Aneros into building up another orgasmic wave, and I went almost immediately into another climax, this time even more powerful. And then the same thing happened again… and again… a feedback cycle! I don’t know how long it went on—minutes for sure, until my body was just too physically exhausted to go on. And even then it still didn’t want to stop.
    I had to reach for some water… I was thirsty and my bed and pillows were soaked with sweat.
    And then I went right back into it over and over and over again. Wow. Super-Os? You bet—nearly four hours worth. If there’s anything more powerful than this, I’m not sure my poor body could take it. But that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t want to try!
    Overall, I’d have to say this was one of my best sessions yet. Life is good! The music is speaking to me again today, and I’m a very happy man.

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      03/02/2009at1:07 pm

      Hi Robby-O,
      I'm having some success at reducing the shaking and spasms, but unlike you, I am not really aware of any conscious effort on my part that makes this happen.
      Thanks for the great post, and may every session be better than the last.

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