• Sunday morning Aneros session, September 9

    Hi guys,

    I haven’t been posting much lately because while I still have Aneros sessions about three times a week, they are so enjoyable that they are hard to describe.

    However I had a session that was one of my best. It lasted about an hour and half. I used in order my favorite Aneros models: MGX, Maximus, Progasm ICE, and Tempo.

    We have been having very rainy weather all day today, a good day to day home and relax a bit.

    For the last several months, I have been wearing a jock and cup to bed and diddling my nipples. Diddling my nipples and wearing a jock and cup put me at ease at night and lull to sleep. Many mornings I wake up sexually aroused.

    I arose at 5 a.m. to survey the weather forecast on the WeatherChannel.com. Sure enough we had a very rainy Sunday forecast. So stayed home out of the rain and didn’t go to church. I also diddled my nipples a great deal while viewing erotic pics on tumblr. For the last couple months, I can induce Super-O’s though nipple diddling and Kegeling. I experienced several amazing Super-O’s in this fashion this morning.

    Finally in the 6 o’clock hour I went outdoors braving the rain to get some breakfast from our neighborhood 7 Eleven. I returned home twenty minutes later and had some breakfast before having my session at 7:15.

    All four models delivered smooth, deep strokes as I relaxed. I didn’t experience any Super-O’s this morning, but it seemed that on the verge of experiencing a Super-O the whole time, very much being very close to the PONR, on the summit of the mountain of sexual arousal that @goldenboy expresses so eloquently.

    Since then I have been savoring my Aless the whole day long. Take care!

    P.S. Tips for nipple diddling and Kegeling.

    1. I have found that the slightest touches for nipple stimulation or diddling are the most effective. Use circular strokes around your nipples and slight strumming strokes. Male nipples are surrounded small dark circular regions of flesh called aureolas. Guys’ aureolas are also sensitive or can be made that way. You can diddle your nipples often at night in bed all is quiet and private or even in the daytime when you have a spare moment, especially places of greater privacy. Endeavor to diddle your nipples every day. Before you know they can become super sensitive, a source of great pleasure!

    Likewise caress your pecs and chest too. Caressing in this fashion can rev up the effectiveness of your nipple diddling.

    2. Also do your Kegel Exercises every day. The Kegels strengthen your anal musculature, specifically your PC muscle. Likewise the Kegels develop the elasticity of your anal musculature and PC muscle.

    3. I have found that my nipple diddling works hand-in-hand with the Kegels in which lots of pleasure is produced. I have found that when I diddle or strum my nipples and aureolas that a sexual charge is sent directly to my genitals, specifically my prostate and my perineum. It is so sweet and profound!


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      09/10/2018at10:39 am

      @BigGlansDC So nice to read your blogs again! And thanks for the shout-out!

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