• step8

    Purchased the tempo a few months back and found it excellent to start off a session to get warmed up before using progasm or pro jnr specially to go for long all out marathon 2or 3 hour full body orgasm type session but kind of got used to the tempo just for that ,however after a really big session sunday i still felt arse horny a few days later but just fancied a quick anal mid week session so decided to go with the tempo,my anus was already pulsing from the former session still so It didn’t take long to get going , the thing with the tempo is without the abutment tabs contacting the perenium ect there is more focus just on the anal canal and where as the other toys hit the prostate and then normally spread the orgasm throughout the body I thought i’d just concentrate on the anus for a change and the pleasure started as my anal opening was being massaged by the ball at the tempo end and soon this pleasure was being echoed further up my anus i could feel my sphincter pulsing and this was now travelling up and down my canal i was on all fours on my chest with my knees bent ,soon this pleasure was growing to almost unbearable heights i was shoving my face in the pillow and shreeking in ectasy as it echoed inside me and i then felt this deep contraction type orgasm building inside and i think the anal echo of my sphincter and canal ignited my prostate into the mix this was like an orchestra playing now i was in rapture but unlike the aneros sessions that spread the orgasm this was confined to one intense anal explosion I had to call time on it as i was up early for work but I could have kept going like this forever it was almost agonising in pleasure . so now i’ve promoted the tempo to not just the warm up act but for now the top player when it comes to pure anal orgasms.

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