• Steady improvement

    Hello, all.
    Back again with another update. Once again, nothing major to report. I figured this last session was worth noting because it is the most "rewired" I have ever felt. Usually, my sessions have a flow to them where some points I feel great sensations but minutes later it is lost and I'm back to square one. Today, however, the sensations were constantly in a "forward" direction. I distinctly felt pleasure in just about every movement the progasm made on my prostate. I kind of plateaued at one point for a while and decided to end the session there. The surprises didn't end there, though. The super t was much less penis-centric than usual. The orgasm felt more evenly divided between penile and prostate stimulation. That is definitely a sign that I'm headed the right direction.
    This session is continued proof that my rewiring process is totally working. I'm going to continue my strategy of putting a day between sessions, the results speak for themselves!

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