• SR, Leaking and a Morning Session with the Eupho Trident

    So I am now on day 11 of my SR journey. I am out of my mind horny and my prostate beats like a second heart for the past 3 days. My previous SR record was 8 days so I now know that after 8 things change drastically.

    For the past 3 days I have also leaked precum/ejaculate at just random times during the day complete involuntarily and all in non-aroused states. The first two times I was at work in meetings and I just felt myself start to leak. When it first happened I literally wanted the ground to swallow me because I was wearing khakis and I feared things would come through. I originally thought it was piss but when I went to the restroom my underwear was stuck to my cock slit and there was great old white mess in my pouch. The second time it happened. I sat there with an evil grin. Today it happened for a third consecutive day as I was doing a number 2 in the bathroom. As I passed crap out of me…my cock leaked precum and even cum from it. I was completely soft…and hadnt even touched my member but as I contracted my rectum…more and more of it leaked out. This turned me on to no end.

    I dashed back to the bed and started an aless session. Within mins the waves of pleasure swarmed my body…I quickly managed a farily short Super-O (about a minute) and I decided to whip out the Eupho. This thing proceeded to wreak havoc on my poor prostate. The pleasure was immeasurable. I quickly had three 5 minute plus long Super Os in less than 30 mins. I felt like I needed the big release. I started stroking my cock. I got right up to the PONR and I stopped…

    Lets not be greedy.


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      12/09/2018at11:32 pm

      Sounds like you are living in a continuous state of perpetual orgasm. Your quick ascent to your present state makes you a sure mentor for others who want to follow your success as we men value orgasmic delight almost as much as life and breath.

      Congratulations and thanks for posting your amazing transformation.

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      12/10/2018at7:08 pm

      Thanks for commenting Turnrow. Yes its a very interesting journey and I feel very lucky for having figured this out fairly quickly in the grand scheme of things. I want to help any and everyone also achieve this. This is why I increased my posting and started this blog.

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      02/11/2019at11:57 am

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