• Spectacular!

    I could get addicted to this thing. I'm glad I set an alarm. I'll definitely want to do some long sessions, but I have to fit them into my work and family schedule.
    About 1:15, wife left to grocery shop, I let her know I was going to meditate with the aneros, and offered to wait for her. She said no, but that she wanted to be there in the future.
    I set the alarm for 38 minutes, lubed, inserted, and lay on my right side. I had an attitude of simply paying attention. I had no goal in mind. I simply felt very subtle muscle contractions. I used the same techniques I'd used without the aneros. Feel a kind of contraction, work to relax it completely, then tighten it very slightly.
    Also, just like with the anerosless meditations, as soon as I started engaging the analytical overlay, the free flow of things stopped. When this happened I completely dropped whatever I had been thinking and came back to my breath.
    The analytical overlay came up with things like "this is great", "I can't believe this", "I never want to stop." The dropping of the tension is analogous to the dropping of the analytical overlay. It's a form of "not doing,"
    I'm thrilled to pieces with the MGX. I now am nearly certain to buy one of each model to experience the variety. (Actually, I have no desire for a vibrator. I want this experience exclusively human powered.)

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