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    In a recent post from a forum’s member, @rumel suggested​ the use of a tennis ball to massage the member’s perineum and I thought it might be a good time to try it.
    First, a bit about my status; I started Anerosing in Jan of 2016 thus achieving great health improvement on my prostate while enjoying the many great sensations and feelings but still short of the ‘Big’ one and even Dry-Os. I consider myself to finally be ‘Aneros Mentally Mature’ meaning I no longer push for results, I am taking the time to enjoy every bit of sensation, twitches and p-waves my body gives me with absolutely no expectaations. I read forum posts, re-read WIKI and just simply enjoy my current status every day.
    Back to tennis balls; I sat on a tennis ball while rocking back and forth and sideways for two consecutive sessions in two days now and sometimes doing so aggressively. I feel a further awakening of sensations in the area which leaves me tingling for many hours after. Good suggestion @rumel, thank you!
    Last night (in the middle of the night), I woke up to two consecutive and very distinctive prostate dry orgasms, something I never had before. They were mild and not enough for my wife to wake and notice my smile.
    Was this the result of the tennis matches at my perineum or just a coincidence? The answer is really not important, the end result is. I certainly feel I’m making progress in my Aneros and A-less sessions.
    Life is wonderful; take full advantage of it!


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      04/07/2017at7:19 pm

      @GGringo I like your term “Aneros mentally Mature”! Like you, I don’t push for results anymore. I recently started-up prostate massage again for health reasons (BPH). I know that it is already helping! No expectations is good. Sometimes, when you least expect it, you will be “rewarded” . I think the key is realizing when your prostate is “talking” to you. It can be very strong or very subtle. Just enjoy whatever comes your way!

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      04/13/2017at12:22 pm

      I agree with the concept of not pushing for results. Just expect it to feel nice and sometime one will be rewarded by being carried away.

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