• Something else?

    Good session today. About 9 or 10 dry 'os' in first hour, starting after about 10 minutes. I usually figure that when my precum comes in, as a glob, that’s it, my session is over, kind of like a traditional orgasm, the “wet finish”. This usually occurs after about an hour.
    Today though, after my usual ending point, I did wonder if there was anything beyond. I sometimes get glimpses in my minds eye; there could be more. Let me be more specific with today.
    My experience today was good, even great. Many sweet dry Os, like a normal “good” session (as opposed to a dud session, which happens once in a while, I’m sure to all of us).
    But today, after passing this point where normally I end, I thought there could be more. I felt like my cock getting smaller, filling with precum, seemed like the smaller it got, or I imagined it, getting smaller but something else taking over, something would leak out and start a sweet, painfully pleasing ride of the utmost pleasure. Has anybody had that? Is that what the super O is? I have always assumed I’ve had super O’s; I’ve had orgasms that go on for minutes; wonderful experiences. But today I was thinking there could be more too. Maybe I’m hoping for a hands free ejaculation, not just a quick “gloop” like how normal traditional orgasms are, but a long drawn out leak of an orgasm. Know what I mean? Does anyone have any experiences along this line?

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