• My Journey with Prostate Massage

    Barely into my 20s, I experimented with solo masturbation. Meaning, I was already well-versed in jacking off, but…was there another way? One night, under cover of darkness (ha) I tried something new. I noticed when I jacked off, something "inside" would tighten. This, together with…

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  • Today I did it!

    OK, here's the lowdown. In my last blog, shared that there was more lurking somewhere, that I could do. I was getting clues on my last session (last blog). I took time to reflect on this and got some guidelines established. I want to reiterate…

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  • Something else?

    Good session today. About 9 or 10 dry 'os' in first hour, starting after about 10 minutes. I usually figure that when my precum comes in, as a glob, that’s it, my session is over, kind of like a traditional orgasm, the “wet finish”. This…

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  • BBB

    Was a bit rushed, so lost that peace & certainty that something would happen. Some near misses though. Conclusion I came to: don't expect anything other thtn a dry O. Other expectations (i.e. a wet finish) are doomed to fail.

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