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    Hey all,
    I have been MIA for a while. My partner and I have been very busy lately, but that does not mean I have stopped my journey. I have had some great sessions in the past month, and just have been too busy to log on or log about it. But tonight, I had some time, and got a really different and fun session in.
    I was coming home from the store, and the boyfriend was working. I had things to do, but my prostate actually FELT like it wanted to be touched and drained, it was weird. It was a very full and almost inviting feeling. I got ready and decided to use the helix. It was very weird, because it slipped in with no work at all.
    I laid on my bed one my back with my knees bent. After about 5 minutes, the waves started and I was in bliss. I was trembling…but it was so delicate. It was like my prostate wanted something more. I rode the helix for a while, and had a few mini-o's. after coming down from like my 5 ones, I decided to see what would happens if I slipped the progasm in. So I switched it up.
    I put the progasm in and flipped over to my stomach, as that seems to be the best position for me and this big boy. My prostate was HAPPY! I was crying out and going at it for about 15 minutes. I felt like I needed to pee, but I know I didn't I relaxed, and flipped over after coming down from my last organs. I felt the tip of my cock, and I was amazed at what had happened to me. Pre-cum.
    Mind you, I have never had pre-cum my entire life. No matter how long I edge, how much I get fucked, I have never had anything but a drop of pre-ejac fluid come from my dick. Tonight, it was coming out by the barrel-full.
    I rode for about another half hour, then had the desire to jack off, I jerked it and had an amazing orgasm. It was an awesome time, and so glad I decided to take some time for myself amidst my busy day.
    Hopefully I'll get on here more often. Here's to more new adventures!

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      08/25/2013at11:54 pm

      Congrats man. Your advancing so well. That feeling that was coming from your body was your prostate waking up. The fact that pre-cum was flowing is so a good thing. Glade you got your time in.

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