• Some progress

    I’ve made little progress since my last blog. I’ve actually felt some pleasure not in my prostate but in my anus. I’ve decided that since I can feel sensations in my anus I would focus on that since I don’t really feel anything in my prostate. Not until I’m very aroused anyway. Here’s how my session went. I began by taking a hot shower, witch is something I’ve found helps me relax, then after I dried of I lied in bed and did some deep breathing. Then I began caressing my thighs. Then I applied some lube to my anus and gently messaged to relax the anal sphincters. At first I didn’t feel anything so I began focusing on my anus near the opening. That made me more aware of of sensations but I still couldn’t feel much pleasure. That’s when I realized that I had to have erotic feelings if I wanted to feel any pleasure. So I began I set about finding a fantasy that would help. But that didn’t work either so I just lied there and focused on the physical sensations. Then I started thinking of the sensations as pleasurable instead of just there and that’s what did it. That’s all it took. I didn’t have an orgasm and the pleasure wasn’t constant it came and went, kinda like waves. But that’s ok because I enjoyed myself. I guess before I wasn’t able to get of some of those nagging thoughts in my head that prevented me from feeling anything. I think I’ve a great leap but there’s still a lot left learn about myself.

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