• So, what's going on?

    Well, I've given Aneros a first exploration. What explains my taking to it so quickly and my current supersensitivity without it in?
    I suspect that fifty years of sensual exploration may have a lot to do with it. And my current geezer status with the ED and shortage of semen may have been leading to the facility with dry orgasms. Although I could get what i thought of as female orgasms with nipple play. Just didn't gealize what I had.
    Now that I can trigger a p-wave and a super-O just by thinking, I'm wondering whether this gift might be interesting to someone over at the Mayo Clinic here in town. )I've been watching "Masters of Sex" on Showtime.(
    Guess I'll quit trying to explore and analyse; pop my helix syn into my tail, relax, and bliss out for a couple of hours.
    If you hear someone howling at the moon, it'll be me.

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