• Silent Seduction

    As usual I have to put in my disclaimer…this is total fantasy. I was inspired by somebody but not fact…only fiction. Hopefully it will get some of your sessions off to a good start.
    I swing the door open before he even has a chance to knock. I look up at him, "Come in." He does and sits down. He's sick, I hand him a tissue. He takes it and blows his nose, I stand there and watch him. Funny how sometimes even the most disgusting things in life can be interesting. He's sitting there blowing green goo out of his nose but its such a real moment in time, it helps me to remember he's not a total fantasy. It doesn't turn me on…but it doesn't repulse me either. Once he's finished I take the tissue to throw it away, I see him watching me in my peripheral vision. When I come back he seems comfortable, quietly relaxing, I sit next to him. I feel him looking at me, I look over at him not truly believing he's here. He trails his finger down my arm leaving goose bumps in his wake. I slid closer to him nestling into his side wrapping my arms around his torso. He feels nice warm, soft, but not too soft. I avert my gaze away from his eyes, not wanting to make it too painfully obvious how aroused he's making me. Instead I elect to caress from his chest down to his tummy and back. He puts his arm around me resting his hand on my hip. I notice he's rubbing the cotton material of my undies…I smile to myself. I wasn't expecting him so I was only wearing a t-shirt and panties. Its then that I remember how much he says he likes cotton guess he was serious because there is a suspicious bulge in his pants that wasn't there before.
    His hand is now palming my ass and pulling me closer. I maneuver to straddle his lap and stare into his eyes. I wonder if he's doing this purpose? His hands go from massaging my ass cheeks to sliding up my back under my t-shirt. The feel of his skin against mine makes my nipples painfully engorged. I lean into him pressing my chest against his easing the throbbing of my nipples just a bit. He's stoking a fire within me that I didn't even know existed. My lips cant resist his and I end up kissing him deeply. I'm embarrassingly wet soaking through my panties & I can feel his hard dick pressing against me. I cant help grinding against it, my clit demanding some much needed friction. My hands find their way to his hair, its soft, and smells clean. I break our kiss and pull my shirt over my head leaving me only in my panties, then I slip his shirt over his head as well. I lean back in resuming our kiss, but this time we're skin to skin it feels divine to be close to him like this. The feel of his hands stroking my back and ass holding me close to him possessively cause me to moan into his mouth. I'm sure his pants have to be getting wet by now…oh well I'll just blame it on him. One of his hands moves around to caress my left breast, his fingers expertly find my nipple. I can resist arching my back giving him full access to my tits. He kisses down my neck to my chest then his lips are suckling on my right breast while his fingers continue to roll my left nipple between them. Its getting hard for me to breathe but I manage to find his nipples as well. I gently tease them, I know he prefers a tongue but this will have to do for now. Then I feel it…he's having an orgasm…the super kind. I can feel it come from him and pass through me…he's driving me insane…that doesn't stop me from wanting more though.
    I push him back against the couch easing down off his lap onto my knees between his legs and give his left nipple a tongue lashing while caressing his silky skin. He tastes so damn good, then I feel it again I cant help closing my eyes and just going along for the ride. I decide to switch to the other nipple, and soon I'm rewarded again with the most surreal feelings I've had to date. My heart is racing but I absolutely love what he is doing to me so seemingly effortlessly. My eyes travel down him until they land squarely on his cock. I'm not sure what kind of zipper it is…but its one hell of a good one to have not burst open by now. I have to taste him now if my mouth wasn't watering before it is now. I kiss down his belly to his pants. I use my teeth to unbutton them then unzip them. I extricate his member and his head is shiny, can this man be any more attractive? I touch my tongue to the tip of his head and let the precum string from my tongue to him while watching the fire blaze in his hazel eyes. I give him a hint of a smirk then wrap my lips around his head sucking it clean. It tastes so familiar to me…what is it? Kettlecorn…sweet, buttery, slightly salty its making me insatiable. I cup his balls and taking him all into my mouth. I love the texture of him, love how hard he is, and how veins feel against my tongue. I deep throat him swallowing him whole wanting more of his man nectar. I feel his hands on my face and neck, I look up at him and he's watching me He withdraws slightly then slips his dick all the way into my mouth, the head of his cock stroking the back of my throat, suddenly I feel like I swallowed a lightening bolt. Oh not again…this time it travels from my throat down through my torso and seems to explode somewhere deep within my abdomen sending me into orbit. My moans are somewhat stifled by dick I'm trying to suck off. Then an idea pops into my head.
    I let his cock slip from my lips, "Stand up for me." I stay on my knees once he's on his feet I rid him of his shoes and socks. Then I slide his pants down his legs baring him completely. Standing there he looks like a Greek god. I reach up to stroke his still wet cock, then I lick his balls sucking one into my mouth then the other. Soon I have both in my mouth, he smells so good I cant help taking deep breaths inhaling him trying to engrain the scent of him into my brain. Some how I manage to stop sucking his balls and beckon him down onto his knees facing away from me. I place kisses on his back as I rub his nipples, his skin feels so perfect next to mine its unreal how that sensation alone has me about to burst into flames. I place his hands on the couch in front of him which causes him to bend over slightly, I spread his knees a bit further apart…now he's perfect, right where I want him. Trailing my fingers down his back I get comfortable behind him placing a kiss right above his crack. Then I trail my tongue down that marvelous crevice in search of my prize. When I reach his puckered hole I spread his cheeks a bit more so I can get up close and personal. He's moaning and breathing deeply while I tongue away at his hungry hole. Funny how I age dinner earlier, but at the moment I'm feasting on his ass like I haven't eaten in months. My tongue sinks deeper and deeper into him…if my tongue was long enough I'd love to lick his prostate…too bad I'm not part giraffe. He's having another super orgasm with my tongue probing him, for some reason I feel this one more intensely than all of the others put together, this man might be the death of me.
    The next thing I know he's reversed the tables on me, I'm sitting on the edge of the couch with my drenched panties halfway off. He's eyeing me…I feel like I'm being hunted. In a matter of seconds he's between my legs licking at my lips. He lifts and spreads my legs to get better access then licks slowly from my opening to my clit. At that moment I wasn't sure I was even there…or if I was dreaming all of it. When he sucked my clit I knew I wasn't dreaming, I let out a ragged groan and ran my fingers through his tousled hair. His tongue slid back down and darted inside me, moaning against me I felt the vibrations from his voice reverberate through me. I'm not sure how much time passed before he plunged his fingers inside me while gently licking and sucking my clit. Because I've been so aroused for so long I knew it wouldn't take much or long to get me off…my gspot was already swollen to capacity. I can feel my orgasm starting to build deep in me, my legs are trembling uncontrollably. He moves his fingers at the perfect speed and pressure and I shatter into a million pieces, if I wasn't I'm definitely putty in his hands at this point. He continues to lap away at my tender morsel, then I feel him massaging my anus. Then his finger slicked with my juices enters my tight ass. Slowly he moves his finger in and out of me while licking my pussy with reckless abandon. My gspot was so engorged I could feel him tickling it even though his fingers were in my ass. Soon I feel another orgasm building and I'm turning into another mass of orgasmic bliss capable of only writhing and moaning his name incoherently. When I open my eyes I'm staring into his, and his hands are upon me once again scorching my skin with his heat. I kiss him sucking my juices from his lips, I love the way we taste…
    To be continued…

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