• Short Session big results

    From work I looked at the time and decided I could make it home 45 – 60 minutes ahead of the Mrs. I let my work sit till the next day. Went to the bathroom locked up and headed home for a quick alone time. I had no time to spare if I wanted to have a visit with my Aneros friend. I washed and lubed up and decided on Helix-Syn to take a ride with. I put my phone on the bed knowing I would get a call when she was on her way. My buddy had snapped into place and I thought to my self hum… I laid on my left side and then relaxed into my breathing. OMG is all I keep saying about this experience. My Syn had a lot to show me and I felt at home with it. I was schooled well here on site and I knew how to listen. I was relaxing and pushing away to let Syn into my being. My inner G spot enveloped the feeling and did not let up. when I got riding so rapidly I just slowed down and went back to breathing and Syn kept nudging me and I kept enveloping it like I found my true sexual self and was so happy. After awhile I knew when to give a loving contraction maybe up to half strength and Syn would dive into the hot spot to drive me crazy. OMG you see I was totally doing this my way and felt happy with myself. My buddies are awesome. Yea my wife called I picked up as I was being taken by Syn and that gave me a 20 min count down. After 18 min I got up put my swimsuit on and went out to the pool. Leaning back on my noodle floating with legs up on the steps rocking back and forth with a contentment from being pleasured. Hello honey how was your day. When I got out of the pool I removed Syn and made some tea. Alone time is my key to bliss. Yes my cock got hard and pre cum everywhere and it felt good. woke up this morning with a woody that just did not want to quit. Wow I feel good and yes I am an Arneos Nympho. I have an Eupho-Syn on my to wish list now as well. I still haven't screwed the classic Helix yet. SoFunLoving…

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