• Sessions for October 25 & 26 & Interacting with Exquisite Aless

    Hi guys,
    These days I am having sessions just about every day except mostly Sundays, but even a session on an occasional Sunday after after church is indeed a celebration. There is hardly a session that doesn’t produce exquisite Aless, but my Aneros sessions of late are rather good to supremely excellent!
    This past Monday, October 24, I had an extraordinary meeting to attend in the morning in the church library. I arrived home mid afternoon exhausted and spent the rest of the day cooling my heels. Yet Aless came through in a reassuring manner at various times on Monday. Management finally turned on the heat Monday night. So I was able to sleep soundly.
    Tuesday morning I woke up around around 1 a.m. and then listened to my walkman radio a bit, then asleep. But at 4 a.m., I woke up with Aless and decided to interact with it mostly doing Kegels and rhythmic breathing. That really revves up my Aless. I did this over an hour or more and experienced a powerful Super-O! I also used the tug-of-war technique and stimulated my nipples and my hair chest which fueled the ardor of my sexual fervor of my Aless foreplay!
    My session yesterday morning lasted about an hour or before sunrise at 7:30 a.m. I used my favorite Aneros combo of MGX, Maximus, and Progasm Classic in a session that gave me supreme satisfaction and a very sweet Aless which again lasted the whole day.
    This morning I used a combo of Eupho Classic, Helix Classic, and Maximus which lasted an hour or so before sunrise. I discovered something new in the first two models that I haven’t used in many weeks. I believe that the keys for successful sessions is a combination of the do-nothing and tug-of-war techniques. The do-nothing technique lets you sit back and let the models work for you. The tug-of-war technique when performed correctly allows you to operate the each model subtly in you successfully. There is the paradox of subtlety and power in Aneros session. The more you let go and relax, the more you feel the power and pleasure of Aneros working away. Eupho Classic has slender, penetrative power. Helix Classic has fairly aggressive massage action. I should use Helix Classic more often now. Maximus with its fairly thick stem and length has a full-bodied power which is irresistible!
    While composing this blog entry a good forty minutes, I had a hankering for a Progasm ICE which I had an impromptu session. It delivered its manly yet sleek massage for a mere twenty-five minutes. Aless right now is strong and intense, fueled by my freshly plowed bunghole, sweet! It feels like Progasm ICE right now is inserted massaging away, hot! When I do even a minor anal contraction, a Kegel, that revves up my exquisitely sweet Aless! Need I say more??? 🙂


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      10/27/2016at7:48 pm

      @BigGlansDC it’s good to hear you had a powerful Super-O. Was that while Alessing or A-in?
      Again, I tried the ‘do-nothing’ method and again, no results! The minute I reach for my nipples, I get instant p-waves and great sensations. They are really connected to my prostate. I’m not giving up on Do-Nothing, I need to work on it.
      It seems you get Super-Os on a regular basis; great!

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      10/27/2016at10:14 pm

      @GGringo, I did have a Super-O in Aless early Tuesday morning as I Kegeled in bed before rising for sure around 5:30 a.m. Also yesterday after my morning session, I had a series of chairgasms that were sweet. As regard as the do-nothing technique and other Aneros techniques, they come with just practice and certainly as you have your Aneros sessions!

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