• Session 6 (5.1)?

    The dark of winter means getting an early start on evening activities. I was up to bed at about 8:30, while my wife stayed up watching TV. I decided to try my evening routine with the aneros in.
    I wanted to do some "scales." That is, rather than focus on the pleasure and the rewiring, just to have the thing in me and practice with it.
    My focus is mainly on the anal set of muscles. I'm just beginning to have conscious control that is more subtle than just a contraction. At this point I can tell what I want to practice. More than the contraction, I need to work on the relaxation. I can do a contraction quickly and with a variety of strength, but I find the relaxation part of the cycle takes longer. When I consciously relax from a tight contraction it takes four or five seconds.
    I also experimented with some other positions. The side is good, and I'm discovering that each side is different. I also tried on my back with a pillow under my butt so I'm not lying on the handle. (May want to modify my aneros to solve that problem.) More when some time allows.

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