• Session 4

    Well, I graduated to the small advanced, and I can indeed control it to my full satisfaction. WOOWEE! I found the real trick to it … ignore the stem and what it is doing. The bulb at the end is the target. You want your muscles gently insisting on being stroked by it. Softly, softlee catchee monkey! Just push it out gently a git and let the muscles nibble at it and bring it back. if they catch it, your hips go off the bed, and either you lose control of your muscles and flop for a minute, our you are caught in a whiteout that expands and orgasm to the whole room for a minute or two. GAWD! I used to have ejaculations like that, with my consciousness squirting throug my skull to splash on the ceiling and drip down the wallls, flowing back to me, but not nerly this extended! Loves it, I does! This afternoon I put on the video in the forum that wonders if this is what you get? I was matching him for frequency and intensity, except for sound, and I lasted longer. Now I have to cut myself off. My Helix Syn should arrive Monday, and I want to have some energy to greet it with. If anal is this good, how good could prostate with a purpose-engineered device be?

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