• Session 30/09/2016

    When I’ve started writing this blog days ago, it has been many months since I had a “good” session. By good I mean getting something more than the background pleasure.
    I had a good session yesterday.
    Like most of my sessions, when I have them during the week, it happened after dinner, because before I was at work. This brings a problem – I’m tired. Most of the sessions I try at night end up with me falling asleep, and today the same happened but not before I got good things.
    On the problem of being always tired and why I think in the last years things have regressed/stalled I will explain a next post, let’s go now to yesterday’s session.
    In the last weeks when I attempted sessions I’ve been using Maximus. After pre-lubing inside (which I only rarely do) with Johnson’s baby oil, I used vaseline and a coat of a slippery silicon lube named Millennium, I inserted Maximus.
    I watched just a little bit of porn in the form of other guys using aneros, just some minutes. The guy was using Progasm and I was like, why not use Progasm Ice again? In my last tries with it it didn’t gave me anything, which is “normal” for me, so after a while I switched to Progasm Ice, lubing the same way.
    I fought a bit against my sleepiness but I was able to keep awake.
    And then after some time (I may take like 1 hour to feel anything different) I felt the prostate being touched pleasurably by the Progasm Ice. Although this may not mean something, it’s always a good sign that my prostate is somewhat awake.
    So I kept “doing nothing” (my favourite method) just feeling the static touch of Ice in the prostate.
    For some reason I don’t have involuntaries or muscle spasms or anything (yet?), what I have is kinda a glimpse of that. A spot on my leg twitches, a small muscle in my ass moves, but everything isolated and never building into full blow involuntary spasms/chains/whatever.
    Then I got to the part which is the best I can achieve from Aneros in all these years – what may be some kind of weak dry-o.
    The pleasure on the prostate grows, I get a bit hard and I switch from being hard and soft, while having nice prostate pleasure.
    If I’m lucky, like yesterday, it does something else.
    I feel some kind of tension in my body and although I try to relax it’s a bit hard, but yesterday it was not those very tense moments I’ll talk in another post.
    I felt some kind of isolated muscle involuntaries around the prostate. I don’t think it’s the pc muscle that we control the pee with and that many times I have twitchings, it may be what IIRC is the other kind of pc muscles.
    So I try to relax but feel a bit tense, with contraction involuntaries happening irregularly. I feel the need to do a contraction with those muscles, but I try to do nothing. Eventually me or my inconscious (?) play in that game and I do a contraction. When that happens I feel a bit of release and my prostate and cock start twitching a bit rhytmically.
    I’m not sure, but I think I “cum” in this moment. I feel a bit of release and I become more relaxed and the pleasurable contractions go on from a minute or two. I can’t tell if this is an orgasm or not. It’s not as good as an ejaculatory orgasm, but it does feel like some kind of orgasm with that turning point.
    I think in time these orgasms will increase in pleasure and I will experience what people describe as “cumming without cum” with strong dry-os and rhytmically strong contractions taking over.
    I had some of these “weak dry-os” in an hour or so, and eventually I fell asleep after that.
    After the dry-os I noticed that inside my foreskin I had a bit precum – I don’t precum at all so that’s a sign telling something went right with the prostate massage.
    During those pleasurable contractions I try to do nothing and let my body do all the contractions and that, although I have a little urge to contract more.
    One problem I have and I didn’t talk before is that I may ejaculate from aneros sessions, it generally happens if I stimulate my nipples or if my body tenses up too much. So I try the most I can to not tense up my body but it’s a constant struggle.
    So in all 4 years of aneros practise this is what I can achieve: some kind of “untrained dry-o”. It isn’t a full blown dry-o because it isn’t as pleasurable as people say. I have no full body pleasure experience although I think I have glimpses of some spot of my body feeling something. And I don’t have a super O, because people say one knows when one has a super O, and I lack the overwhelming pleasure too 🙂
    it’s good? Yes it is, but I can’t help but feel frustrated when that’s all I can get after all these years.
    Will I ever be able to experience full dry-os and will I ever be able to experience a super-O?
    I hope I can achieve what other men say it’s one of the most pleasurable things in a man’s life.


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      10/01/2016at1:53 pm

      @RSilva it is with great pleasure that I read your blogs! You describe your experiences with great talent! It must have been difficult for you to write your first one; describing your most inner feelings.
      The time it takes to achieve the epic event we all seek is not as important as having pleasure (however small) in our journey getting there. I guess even if we try hard not to expect more in our session, it’s most difficult and inevitably, we get disapointed or even frustrated. Keep positive and keep writing. Enjoy your session!

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      10/06/2016at9:12 pm

      Thank you for your reply!

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