• Session 2 peridise

    Holy crap! I started listening to one of the mp3's of guys on Aneros, but my wife came home. I played possum, and she went to sleep in the other room, letting me continue. I think I was running it like it's designed, sliding back and forth pushing out and pulling in. I hit a peak on my back and pretty much stayed there as I move to my left side. When I flopped over onto my belly, th4 involuntary whithing made me pass out drooling into my pillow. I was just letting it happen, mainly, without trying to force it. back on my back, I was to far into it to be counting the orgasmic peaks. finally, I decided it was enough and went for a Super T, but had too little fluid after last night to really load up and ejaculate, although there was a little discharge from my cock. But there was enough mojo left for me to try to ejaculate again… same result. That little devil forced me into convulsions for a dry super before I was together enough to pull it out.
    Getting better at controlling it. I'll see if I'm together enough to keep the advanced larger one in next time.
    I have to go over to Amazon, give this one top stars, and tell the world about passing out. )I did only have three hours of sleep(. 8>(

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