• Session 1 – Auto Contractions

    I am a 20 year-old from Georgia.
    I have tried to use my aneros before, but tried to hurry into a prostate O than dry O; therefore, this is consider my first time really trying to create dry O.s
    About 15 min into the session, I contracted by PC muscle and started to get involuntary contraction, it feels a little bit good, not like awesome or anything… I was sitting in a chair as that involuntary contraction started, so I climbed into bed and really start to work for it.
    Very interesting thing happened: as I was having auto contractions, I started to play with my nipples, and it creates this insane sensation that makes me want to release somewhere, it also make my body feel very hot, occasionally I would feel as if a warm halo is surrounding me; but since the sensation is too great, I had to stop nippling myself.
    The auto contraction, again, didn't bring me super awesome feeling. Just, good feeling. Since this auto contraction is on the pc muscle, i tried to translate it to my anal muscle to see if I will create an anal contraction; tried several time, and I think I had seconds of good feeling paroxysmally. In the end, I feel tired and tried to beat off. At the same time, I tried to incorporate tantric breathing – trying to lead the building orgasmic sensation up the spine than out the penis. However, the orgasm was only ok, didn't feel too good. I haven't been having good feeling orgasm for a while, and I just wonder how can I improve my orgasmic pleasure level?
    to be continued…

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      11/28/2013at3:37 am

      You could try what I learned 50 years ago. When you are ready to ejaculate, push out, bearing down with the contents of your abdomen, sort of like trying to push your prostate out your ass. As I was told, "You'll probably lose a few orgasms learning, but once you have it, it's really worth it." Yeah, it really was! Super T's. Full body orgasms, with my consciousness blowing out through my skull, splattering on the ceiling, and running down the walls.
      This has nothing to do with the prostate dry O's, but it's felt really good for 50 years. I taught it to a lady, and she started having two-minute orgasms, almost bucking me off the bed.

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