• Session 3 – more vibrant prostate and dildo

    So I feel like my prostate has been more sensitive, and I have been having great sensations very fast; except this time I got too horny and just took out my 7'' dildo and start riding it. Oh My God, it feel so good as…

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  • Session 2 – Similar to Session 1, except..

    It has only been a day, and I am trying it again, and I think I am liking it more and more. The session is like yesterday's. I ended up beating off, and the orgasm feels better this time; however, after the orgasm, I still…

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  • Session 1 – Auto Contractions

    I am a 20 year-old from Georgia. I have tried to use my aneros before, but tried to hurry into a prostate O than dry O; therefore, this is consider my first time really trying to create dry O.s About 15 min into the session,…

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