• Savoring irrepressible Aless, Thursday October 20 and early Friday morning session, October 21

    Hi guys,
    I am so grateful to have Aneros buddies like @goldenboy, @GGringo, and @brine who have cheered me on in my Aneros sessions in the last six months or so. Having such buddies makes me so glad that we are on an Aneros team, enjoying our sessions and saving Aless outside of sessions!
    Late last night I had an urge to masturbate. I think there is a consensus among Anerosers that Aneros sessions that produce sweet Aless also make a guy real horny, so much so he wants sex, whether with his partner or with his hand. When guys such as me pass the goal of achieving Super-O’s and MMO’s, they begin to plumb the dimensions of the Aneros experience which transform their persons, their views on life, and enhance their relations with people special in their life. Yes, most guys, lead normal lives in their families, their marriages, and their work lives as well. This is true for confirmed bachelors as me who is also retired. The Aneros becomes important once you experience the goal which I mentioned above.
    Yes, late last night, horniness hit me like a brick as I began to masturbate. Aless has transformed my masturbation practice. I need to masturbate every day and explore this working out of my male sexuality in conjunction with Aless. I had an irrepressible erection. So I masturbated and surfed the edge of ejaculatory inevitability for 30-45 minutes last night, but petered out because it was around midnight because it was way beyond my bedtime.
    I woke up around 6:30 a.m. this morning. It was still dark. The sun now rises around 7:30 a.m. In two weeks, we go back on Standard Time when the sun rises at 6:30 a.m. I had breakfast at 7:45 and then left to use my bank around 9 a.m. On my way back to my apartment, it had gotten warm and humid which left me hot and sweaty. I had to turn on the air conditioning to have some comfort, so late in the season though!
    I slept with the A/C running full blast until 4 a.m. when I got up to have a session. It lasted about an hour with the following models in order: MGX, Maximus, and Progasm Classic. As always, I rode them well or rather they rode me!
    I especially like early morning sessions before sunrise. If I have had a restful night, then I wake up refreshed as well as alert. Hence I have an acute focus and thus can interact with my Aneros models in a special way. My working with Progasm Classic yesterday morning was noteworthy because I aided his Energizer Bunny activity with effortless anal contractions coupled with my relaxed breathing which fueled my session greatly.
    In coming sessions, I hope to spend quality time with my favorite Aneros models in developing the focus for using the stop-and-go and tug-of-war techniques so essential in capturing more and more Super-O’s and MMO’s. Here the dictum, “Come what, come may.” enters the picture through relaxation and just opening yourself to all the good Aneros and Aless has for you.
    Now I need to apologize for the tardiness of this blog entry. I had an Aless so fantastic, so profound, that I sat for hours transfixed trying to find words to describe it. But do not worry, I used those hours usefully in my linguistic and philological pursuits.
    It was a transfiguration similar to the Aless I experienced on metrobus on Wednesday, August 24, and for two hours after returning home afterward:
    “I have been sitting here in a daze for nearly two hours trying to put into perspective what happened to me on the bus earlier today. I got up early intending to transact some business what was to last much of the day. Alas, the prospect didn’t pan out, so I returned home just before 10 a.m. Well, on the bus on the way to my appointment, I decided to engage my Aless in a series of Kegel reps which got sweeter and sweeter laden with sexual power. With the help of my Aneros sessions, I have been performing the Kegels since June 2012. It seems that my Kegel practice took a quantum leap this morning. What I discovered the morning, as in recent weeks, is that my pelvic floor muscle strength has increased greatly through a regimen of the Kegels. When I do a long Kegel, I feel this muscle strength which is elastic. In the midst of this is the sweetness found in long Kegels. That is how I should engage my Aless for now on!”
    I leave this blog entry by saying that Kegels do enhance Aless especially as you sit in a chair before a PC.
    Take care.

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