• Saturday morning session, November 5 : Quality time with my Aneros devices and in Aless!

    Hi guys,
    Here is my first attempt at composing a blog post directly online at Aneros.com.
    As many of you who read my blog, the USA where I live is about four days away from election day, November 8 after a most contentious and strife-ridden election cycle, which began in earnest two years ago. This was fueled by divisive partisan politics and egged on by 24/7 news media! 🙁 As a way to sooth myself, for the last two weeks, I have been having nearly daily Aneros sessions which 45 minutes to an hour per session. Such a schedule has revved up my Aneros realizations through new vistas of Aneros and Aless experiences recently.
    This morning I spent quality leisurely time with my favorite Aneros buddies: MGX, Maximus, and Progasm ICE. The session lasted a good hour to an hour and fifteen minutes. This morning I let go as much as could and let my Aneros devices work in their own way. What I am experiencing more and more in my sessions is greater attention or focus on my part how each of my Aneros buddies “feel” while inserted. The result of this attention and focus is unexpected textures and surges of pleasure, especially as I center myself on Aneros subtlety!
    The same thing is true with my Aless throughout the day in the hours following a session. I just love how a chairgasm comes out of the blue or a “wave-series” of chairgasms arrive. The only thing I can do is to submit to such pleasures. Also wonderful is the effect of the Kegels and calm, rhythmic breathing has on my Aless, whether if I am sitting before my PC, or lying in bed late at night, or standing in line in my neighborhood 7 Eleven purchasing groceries!
    However my Aless and its intensity diminish somewhat if I am transacting business or if I am at church. That doesn’t bother me at all. My Aless is always there!
    Well this is my last session for this week, daily sessions, Monday through Saturday, to boot! Take care!
    Update at 1:18 p.m. in the afternoon: Saturday is my most favorite time of the week. Most apartment building staff is off for the weekend. Most residents are out and about here in Georgetown. Hence, hardly any distractions facilitating dalliances with leisurely stimulation of my nipples, hairy chest, abs, and other erogenous zones along with Kegels which fuel my Aless. My Aless right now has the character of Aneros rhythm which feels so darn good!


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      11/06/2016at12:42 am

      Hi @BigGlansDC, I must tell you, that it was up to your inspiration to help my Helix Syn with its comeback. Before I read your posts it didn’t come to my mind to use more than one tool during a session. Some days ago I had enough time to give it a try. And I must admit, it opened my eyes and showed me the possibilities. While the HS preferred to be the main act it nevertheless demanded a supporting act. As my Eupho Syn was able to match the challenge of this task it paved the way for the HS. I am thankful for a very lustful hour in which I learned a lot about my Helix Syn and its benefits. There is still a lot to learn. Thank you and keep on!

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      11/06/2016at1:15 am

      @SOwithoutAneros, Thank you for your comment. I have learned in my Aneros journey that with patience and letting go, the sky is the limit with Aneros and all sorts of possibilities open up to you.

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