• Routine ecstasy

    Well, bedtime with my wife asleep in the other room.
    Cleaned up, lubed up, snitched a bathtowl from the laundry to handle the problem of small towels under me, inserted, and lay back to let it happen.
    About 20 minutes in, I was starting to flop from time to time. Playing with the Eupho, telling it to move from side to side without forcing it with the musces.
    My superO's started with my belly hardening, and my conscousness expanding to the whole room. Thrusting started instead of mere convulsive flopping. Got the feeling again of being a woman being done in my pussy by my beloved … welcomed it this time.
    Blissed out for about an hour and don't recall just what was happening.
    Came back to myself enough to realize I didn't want to be riding all night. Drove two logs through my belly with the exercise, which pumped up an erection. Beat my meat for about four increasing supero's, getting closer and closer to ejaculation feelings.
    No fluids available to ejaculate. Last really huge one, collapsing, gasping for air, with a load of endorphins coursing throug my body.
    Barely able after about 10 minutes of reducing-level after-orgs to remove the Eupho, clean everything up, and tuck under the Pendleton Blanket with that sweet feeling of being in the warm house with the bitter cold outside. )True in Minnesota today. First temps this year below zero last night(

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      12/14/2013at9:37 pm

      Sounds absolutely exquisite!

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