• Rewiring

    Friday night came and I was feeling good and rested already from my last mind blowing session. I decided to lube up and spend the night with my buddy Syn. I was ready so soon after the last visit. Well I know why now. After about an hour laying in bed I decided to go into the family room and chill. Laying on my side on the couch things got very pleasurable. I ended up totally consumed in pleasing myself. My bum swelled up around the Syn and I could feel every curve of it. My sexual energies where high. I could not end it until just before the sun came up and the alarm would go off. I added some more lube and took Syn to bed. Woke up with raging bull. Honey I love you so much! My rewiring process had totally stripped the wires down to scratch. I am fully committed to my journey. I now understand how the others are talking A-less sessions. They have been rewired. I wanted to post this as this was another session that was clearly a homerun in my journey. Experiencing these feeling never felt so right. I am still on the road to even better sessions. Maybe tonight or tomorrow after work. I am so ready to go further. SoFunLoving

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