• Retro-blog: My first success with my Aneros Helix in 2012.

    I found this description of my first real success with my Helix Syn, about 3 months after getting it. Perhaps, some of the Newbies might find it encouraging.
    I had been attempting to learn the Helix Syn since obtaining it in late October, 2012. After looking through several of the forums and the “Wiki”, I modified my “training sessions” accordingly. Usually they have lasted 1-2 hours, which are difficult to find during my usual workaday schedule. Traveling for one week on work in December afforded me 1-3 hours of time to devote to my attempts to achieve the “O”. About the 10th time I used the MGX, I went at it with the same cautious, patient attitude. On the recent two or three times prior to this, I had felt what I thought of as “twinges” and fleeting “nice feelings” which I couldn’t maintain or re-create. Initially, I had been using water based lubricants, but found them useful for a limited time (perhaps they get partially absorbed from the rectum). I had started using olive oil and either Vaseline, but have settled on a combination of a lanolin based ointment (A & D) and olive oil. In the last several sessions I have used the olive oil, administered a 10 ml syringe that was cut at the end and then smoothed with heat, but have also used a infant nose aspiration bulb. I have not gone in for enemas: just emptying myself and cleaning myself well seems to be adequate. There are sessions in which I have to stop to urinate—it seems to me that the device is more effective with an empty bladder. And a few times I have had to stop to have a bowel movement, but that’s been unusual (add lubrication afterwards).
    So, on the night that marked my initiation into the group of successful users , my session began as before, lying on my side with one leg flexed higher than the other. Initially, I tried to regularly move as far up and down, using a gentle bearing down until I felt the device slip down a bit. Then reversing. When I started to feel something on the upwards movement, I began to do the process very slowly, halting at each stage and making very slight up and down movements at each level, about three or four stops along the way. After about a half hour, I lay back on a folded pillow with my butt actually hanging a bit over, tilted down—sort of a passive arching of the back. At times, I placed my hands under my butt and kept them there till things “got going”. My legs were spread to the sides, gently. I noticed several “new” sensations. One was that the P tab suddenly started to intermittently contact the perineum and it felt intense and pleasant, but very fleeting and was difficult to make it happen. Then, the device inside, started to feel “bigger” to me as it slid up and down. My legs started to twitch (sometimes they were both down, sometimes flexed and sometimes one was down and one was up). That twitching increased and spread to my lower ab’s and would come and go. When that began, I noticed an ability to get the device to start “rocking” up and down, on its own at certain locations. This was accompanied by several erections that subsided, but left me “flopping” with the internal rocking. I tried to avoid contact during these motions (as has been written by others). I could feel the prostatic fluid coming out. This was about 1 to 1:15 hours “out”. When the device would start rocking—this gentle rocking is actually a kind of clonus—a self perpetuating contraction of opposing muscles that you can induce at the knee, by raising your heel gently off the floor and slowly lowering it several times. After a while, the muscles work in concert to keep it going, and I think that’s what people have been referring to as when the device “does its own thing”.
    Anyhow, I stopped a few times and relished the sensations, and then I found a new sensation that was strange. At the sites of contact (I think both at the P tab and inside), the contact points began to feel cool, as if the Aneros had been cooled (and not body temperature). This was accompanied by a more intense feeling in the prostate that began to radiate outwards and upwards, and I almost instantly knew that “something” was going to happen. I took my hands out from behind my behind and placed them on my chest and began to “strum” my nipples, very lightly and gently, sometimes together, and sometimes one after another. I should add that I did not “prep” myself with pictures or movies (I have an inherent distaste for that stuff). And though I like classical music, I turned it off just before this last phase had began, and I think it was a good move. Several times I consciously visualized the Aneros touching the prostate and a few times let out a mental mantra—”Let it happen”. At about 1:30 hours, the prostatic sensations began to strengthen and spread, and then it began. I was only gently moving the device inside at the time and it was partially rocking itself and the most overwhelming sensation of pleasure spread. It sort of felt like a climax coming, but it just didn’t stop. I did find myself moaning and vocalizing. I resisted the urge to see what time it was because I was afraid I might ruin the experience and I’m glad I resisted. But I can say that this kept going for at least 15 and probably more like 25 minutes, until I just quit. It had amazed me all along that with all my moving, etc., I didn’t feel fatigue in the muscles “down there” or in my body (endorphins?).
    Well, after having thought before to myself when I started this journey, “how will I know when the big ‘O’ is here?”, I certainly didn’t need anyone to answer that silly question. If I hadn’t needed to get up for work 5 hours later, I think that I might have not stopped (that’s a bit of a scary thought,actually—see below). After I finished and cleaned up, I had little aftershocks and the wonderful feeling persisted for at least another 15 minutes. I was so excited, in all of the senses of that word, that I wondered if I’d be able to get to sleep—nope, I dosed off right away, and then woke up about 5 hours later remarkably refreshed, and still with a tantalizing tingle down there. I found it very interesting that I didn’t have any need/desire to “finish myself off” with a conventional “O”. What I had experienced was very different, and far surpassed any recent sexual encounter (well, except for the human pleasure of sharing with my partner). I was a bit worried if I would have rectal or urinary irritation, and I didn’t.
    Since that experience, I have only had the opportunity for 8 more sessions (because of my work and travel schedule). But I seem to have found the sweet spots and when I have been able to relax, I have had several sessions that were, if possible, more intense and “mind-blowing” than the first (I’m showing my age here with that ’60’s expression).
    I have made several observations about these experiences which I’d like to share (I know I’m not the first to describe some of these, but perhaps other “newbies” will appreciate what I have to say). First, each session seems to be different, in terms of the intensity of the Super “O” and where it manifests itself. There have been sessions in which I have involuntary movements, sessions in which I remain almost motionless, except for small “in and out” movements of the devices, at least some of which are not under voluntary control. During some of the sessions, I find myself “vocalizing” quite a bit, and others in which I am serenely quiet. I have found that near the point of the Super “O”, there’s a point where there are intense sensations that result in the Super “O” when I pull the device all the way in and then rock it gently or let it move on its own, and then there is a similarly intense sort of experience when I gently push down and let the device encounter what I believe is the inner end of the rectal sphincter. For that to happen, the device has to be very well lubricated, and I’ve found that the combination of lanolin ointment and olive oil is the best. I have put the device in on “off days” with my wife and have fallen asleep with it in, waking up in the middle of the night and having nearly motionless, very pleasureable sessions. Even those sessions without a Super “O” or even an “O”, I have found very, very enjoyable. One of the reasons that I had been looking for a device like this was that I had noticed reduced pleasure and ejaculatory fluid during orgasm over the last few years. I had turned to herbal supplements (see below) with some modest results initially, but I wasn’t finding the experience “rewarding” in the way it used to be (I know, I’m getting older, etc.) . Only in a few these sessions, including those with a bona fide Super “O”, have I had significant volumes of prostatic secretions (“pre-cum”). One of these was quite notable, though. In this, too, the sessions I have had with the device have nearly all been different. I actually enjoy the variety of experiences, and the intensity of Super “O”‘s, too. If they were all the same, it would become routine. My philosophy has been WWFY: whatever works for you. We are all different and thankfully so, and I think that what works for me may not work for you and I’m starting to think that what works one time may not work on a subsequent session, or at least not in the same way.
    Bottom line: I will say that this experience has certainly been worth the wait–and how! So, all you who are new to the device, keep trying.
    The success of my first “successful” session did raise several questions in my mind that any healthy (mentally and physically) man should ask himself. OK, I am not a “sex addict” and some of the discussions I have read in the forums seem to be in that direction. That’s not where I am or want to be. I was successful , I think, because I was able to relax and disconnect, and that was easy for me away from home. I wondered (and I’ve read some other men’s descriptions of the possible difficulties involved) how to integrate this with my day to day world, which sometimes has to begin at 5am and not finish till after midnight. I also have wondered (and this was stated at the end of the Wiki article) if this could become a bit of an obsession– boy, I can see how that could happen!! And deriving such intense and holistic (is that the right word) pleasure alone, by myself, has created in me some concern that I think I shall have to deal with. I also initially wondered (there’s that word, again), how this will actually affect my “normal” sexual encounters with my wife. From what I have been able to read, this seems not to be a real issue for someone with a good relationship. One of the reasons that I had looked into the device to begin with (see below) had been an overall decreased degree of pleasure that I was having with intercourse and I have been confronting some health issues (also, see below) which may be contributing to that issue). But my first impressions, after nearly six months with the Aneros MGX, are that using the Aneros doesn’t result in a loss of interest in sexual intercourse, and it may actually be helping me. Even though the stimulation by the device seems to be separate from the penile stimulation of sexual arousal and intercourse, the use of the device appears to stimulate the gland to produce more fluid on a regular basis (BTW, as I understand the physiology of intercourse and orgasm from a “medical” point of view, the degree of pleasure generated by a penile orgasm is related to the volume of the ejaculate).
    Well, I appreciate that there is a forum where I can express these thoughts and write of my success, so that others might find bits and pieces from my experience that work for them and help them achieve this really wonderful experience. It’s in the back of my head that I’d like to let other friends in on this, but I’m afraid I don’t have the “whatever it takes” to do that. So I’ll just keep it to myself and the forum members.
    I should stop here and give some background. I am a physician, in my early 60’s, happily married (42 years in February). My wife had a tough year and a half, since May of 2011, when she was diagnosed with breast carcinoma and had several months of chemo, then major surgery and then, to top it off, radiation therapy. As you can imagine, that had a major impact on our love life, which, thankfully, seems to be on the mend, to both of our surprise and satisfaction, I might add. I had been taking a nutritional men’s supplement over the last several years, because of a sense of having lost the intensity of sexual sensations, with some modest success, initially. During this trial period with the Aneros, I made the mistake of adding two different nutritional supplements which were supposed to assist with weight loss (I have about 20 pounds that I’ve been trying to lose). I’ll make a side point here and say, be very careful with all these “supplements” and their possible interactions. During this period, while trying to get things going with the device, I actually had a nearly complete collapse of libido, which, thankfully seems to have resolved after having stopped all of them. I had also noted a reduction in the amount of semen and prostatic pre-ejaculatory fluid (I don’t like the slang terms for these). In my search for a remedy or aid to this, I happened on sites describing prostatic massage, and through these, the Aneros site, and after some hemming and hawing, ordered the MGX Syn. I casually mentioned to my wife that I had found a prostate stimulation device to assist with prostate symptoms of nocturia and reduced stream that I had noticed over the last few years (which of us hasn’t). The fact is that some of the work I do as a physician is tied in with BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia), but this is not the time to go off on a tangent. (I can fill in the details in the future to any who might be interested).

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      03/05/2018at6:33 pm

      @Arnon-neat, it is so good to see you back with us after an absence of two/three years. I am glad that your wife is on mend after a regimen of chemo, surgery, and radiation for beast carcinoma, and also you for your own recent health issues.
      I began my Aneros sessions in early June 2012 with Aneros Syn. Aneros Syn was a good introduction to Aneros anal play and sessions, but I moved on to Maximus and Progasm a more or so into my sessions. I have a Helix Classic which I enjoy, also a MGX which I rave and use in all my sessions.
      It is said that many guys proceed quickly to the Super-O. For me, it took about three years of dogged sessions during which I learned to relax and not have expectations. I experienced my Super-O, a mild one, on the morning of July 4, 2015. In August 2016, I devised my own regimen of Kegel Exercises which caused me to reach a tipping point in my sessions and my first sustained Super-O’s and MMO’s a month later. Aneros has given me over the years a vital way to enjoy my retirement.

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