• Reset and we’re back in business.

    I have recently started working again after four blissful months of very little to do except concentrating on my aeros sessions but concern was mounting, after some epic sessions of late my previous three or four sessions had been pretty much duds, enjoyable but nowhere near the intensity I had grown accustomed to, I resigned myself it was a symptom of fatigue.

    The situation was beginning to worry me, was this it? Had I peaked? Would I ever experience a super-o again? This is when i decided to take a step back, to take stock and reset. I re-read my blogs which helped me understand what had worked for me just weeks before and the techniques I’d applied to take me to these highest of highs.

    I made sure the doors were locked, phones switched off and the room temperature was comfortable, I prepared my MGX Syn Trident with a thin coating of Vaseline, laid out my lube, a towel and logged on to Pornhub. I then had a douche, a long hot shower and a stretch, I could feel a tingling sensation in my prostate like a very dull buzzing, time to get started. After drying off I lay on the bed and browsed some porn (SecretCrush4K is my current go-to) after twenty minuets I lubed up and inserted my MGX. Then breathing exercises and relaxation, letting my mind wonder, to past sexual exploits and encounters. what really fires me up is an memory I have of my ex and her beautiful dripping wet pussy, its hovering just inches above my mouth just willing me to lap up its juices, so vivid are these thoughts I can taste it!

    I start light contractions of my anal and PC muscles and then familiar feeling of my stomach muscles tightening begins, I’m on my back with a pillow under my lower back, by lifting my hips up just a few inches the warm glow starts to build, before long my first super-o washes over me, the second lasted minuets, I lay there thinking ‘this can’t be happening, can this get any better?’
    well dear readers it did, the third had me bucking around like a fish on the deck of a trawler, wave after wave of the most intense pleasure drove me into a total frenzy, the MGX was working overtime as it auto-fucked my asshole, this made me so horny I couldn’t help myself, I grabbed hold of my cock and after a few strokes fired out streams of cum all over the God damn place, I lay there in a blissful state for over half an hour covered in my own mess!

    To experience this level of eroticism again was such a relief after losing it for a short while, goes to show never panic and know how to reset.

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