• Recap: The breakthrough in January, part 2

    Saturday night/morning, January 9th, 2010. Rougly 2:45 to 5:45 AM.
    Tried to prepare myself in a more "normal" fashion, and repeat some successful moves.
    Using Helix, no erotic slideshow, no music, good lightning.
    Position on the sofa-bed in its "bed" mode.
    Feet on one of the arm rests.
    My back on a big towel.
    My lower back raised on a pillow covered by a smaller towel.
    Nipple stimulation again.
    Less focus on the breathing than before.
    As previously, both my legs rise towards the ceiling (as if they were having an erection, instead of my penis).
    My body (6 ft 5 in) is drawn like a longbow and the tension mounts steadily until the shakings start.
    The (entire) legs kick and struggle violently by themselves.
    Some groans slip out from my throat by themselves, and after a while I am moaning loudly in the same fashion.
    After a while my legs relax again, but very soon things start over without any real effort on my side.
    This is repeated over and over.
    After the fourth or fifth time I attempt to control the shaking by moving it to other parts of me.
    When I move it down to the Aneros area and its surroundings, I ejaculate without having touched my penis.
    This is followed by a longer pause than usual, but I keep stimulating my nipples until the shakings return again.
    When they are back, I finally stop the stimulation. Even now the shaking becomes as violent, but shorter than before.

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