• Recap: The breakthrough in January, part 1

    Since I got my first Super Orgasm, I have been kind of busy. Not just with more work than the usual amount, but also with having more and better orgasms of the same kind and trying to refine the process. My presence here has turned into an absence. It has been months, but I took some notes on two days in January, the second being the day I believed I had my first Super-O. In order to at least share my experience with you, I translate these into English in three parts:
    Tuesday night/morning, January 5th, 2010. Rougly 2:50 to 7:10 AM.
    Session preparations were thorough, such as shaving the entire area, cleaning the rectum, having a shower and watching porn.
    Using Helix while watching an erotic slideshow with 3000 pictures (backwards).
    Good light in the room, making sure to stay awake.
    A repeating CD with relaxing music. This was stopped it after the 5th run, followed by no music.
    Position on the sofa-bed in its "bed" mode.
    Feet on one of the arm rests.
    My lower back raised on a pillow covered by a smaller towel.
    Stubborn nipple stimulation.
    Breathing in short strokes and held my breath in between.
    While doing this, my legs started to move on their own because of muscle contractions.
    First the thighs were drawn up towards my chest.
    Then my hip rasied the thighs upward and my knees were straightened, so both my legs now pointed directly to the ceiling.
    A moment later, the legs relax again.
    While i stimulate my nipples, this is repeated a couple of times on its own.
    The third or fourth time, both my legs and lower body start to shake forcefully.
    This leads straight to a hands-free ejaculation. There was no touching or erection.
    I end the session to clean up some semen, however my legs rise back into the air while I do so.

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