• Recap (2012-2017)

    Welcome to my blog! Several of my blog entries were deleted in 2022, so I have reposted. They cover the period of 5 years 2017-2022.

    I have been an avid user of Aneros toys and playing with my prostate for several years now. It started independently of my relationship with my partner, which runs in parallel. Our sex life is amazing and mind-blowing, if a tad ‘traditional’. We have been together since we have been very young and never looked back. We share an intimate romantic bond and have long almost tantric body-to-body sex sessions. I usually top, but we can both be versatile. I was always a more sexual person than he is and is constantly looking to enhance our experience without cheating. But he is rarely interested in anything else. I suppose I am happy with this, but always wanted to personally go beyond ‘nomal’ sex.

    Even as a kid I knew something is ‘up there’ and would sometimes have dreams of some sort of anal pleasure, without understanding it. Now that I think about it, I find it almost unbelievable. I just didn’t know what to do with it. I wonder if anyone else was the same?

    As a teenager, I was an eager participant in a variety of forums and keenly tried out all forms of masturbation and play before stumbling upon prostate play and the Aneros forum. But my first solo experiences were hardly a success. I tried using a pen or screwdriver handle to simulate sex. I should say that before serious prostate play, anal sex was fun but not as pleasant physically as it is now.

    It took a while to buy my first actual toy, but once I did, I would never look back. It was a $10 Aneros knock-off but I thank the stars I got it and I still thank it to this day for bringing me to my knees with pleasure.

    From the first time I slipped in in on my day off, I could not believe how amazing it felt. It started off slow with just hints of muscle movement and light p-waves. My journey was long, but it kept building. I would only have a chance to use it once every two weeks, so this is understandable.

    My first big break through came may be a year into play, where I had my first dry orgasm. I laid there quietly panting and could not believe that I have made it thus far. Over time, I bought a few more genuine Aneros toys and started to go deeper into physical and mental pleasure.

    During one of these sessions several years ago, when I was sinking deeper into the mattress, I decided to record how many levels are there ‘under the ground’, with pleasure advancing at every level. I posted this on the forum, but will repost it on the blog.

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