• Quite a happy surprise

    I didn't think it was possible. I'm str-8 without a woman and 73 years old. I saw some videos on line and decided to take a chance trying the helix. When it came, I couldn't wait to try it out. I didn't expect much at all. So, after lubing I inserted it and was amazed how it just seemed to pulled in. I was thinking that perhaps nothing would happen, and if it did it would take at least 40 minutes. I just cleared my mind and relaxed and gently massaged my nipples as I was conscious of slowly breathing.. Much to my surprise in 10 minutes I started to feel something (maybe like subtle twiches). Then in rhythm with my breathing I started to gently draw the helix up inside me. After another 5 minutes wonderful feelings started to happen and shortly thereafter I was shaking and gyrating like I never expected could happen to me. It was wonderful. I enjoyed the session for just about an hour and then felt sort of exhausted — but GREAT. The only thing was my mouth was so dry, probably from breathing through my mouth (at times gasping). Is there a solution for this, or should I just keep a water bottle handy?

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