• Quickie….or not.

    I decided to have a quick )or so I thought( session as soon as I got home from work. My Helix Syn was due to come the next day, so I figured I would get a short session )maybe and hour( with the Vice before I shifted to the Helix.
    After warming up, I immediately turned the vibrator on to Medium-Steady. Rewarded within a few minutes with some small tingles & a few small orgasms. Switched to High-Steady. Quickly rewarded with a number of medium strength orgasms. Could really feel the Vice moving around when I held a contraction )first time I had experienced that with the Vice(. Kept at it for about an hour taking a small 5 min break about halfway through. The last 30 mins, I attempted some new position…mostly kneeling and lying on my stomach. Didn't really work for me. Ended session with a Super-T.
    Helix Syn should be here tomorrow, but I won't be homw until late, so I'll have to give it a try on Thursday. Probably for the better as my body needs a break.

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