• Quick progress

    Quick progress.
    I am a novice,or newbie as you call them, of just three weeks.I bought a Helix Syn and used that for half a dozen sessions. I must state here that if it had not been for the Aneros web site with its Wiki section and all the user comments etc I would almost certainly have put the Syn aside and felt I had completely wasted my money. My gratitude to all who have built a support and information infrastucture for us all.
    Two concepts were my guiding principle: Its a journey and rewiring is a vital component for progress. I also was aware that lots of users indicated quite a long timescale to get positive pleasure results. By the time of my third session I was aware of some interesting and pleasant sensations that gave evidence to a path of progress which was encouraging. I also notice that every session produced more or greater sensations. I tried a number of techniques and hints, some of which were not productive and I discarded. I was curious to see if I got different results from an other model and a week ago purchased the MGX. I have noticed that this moves around inside much more than the Syn.
    In this last week the sensations have been intensifying with each session. I have been a bit greedy and had daily sessions despite my resolution to space them to every other day. The feelings and sensations were so delicious and my will was weak!
    Up until today I would say that I have only had p-waves and mini -o's. The session this afternoon was on my back and doing very little other than deep breathing now and again.Up to now I have lain on my side, as recommended but found my flexed leg became uncomfortable and stiff which is why I changed.
    I had loads of p waves and mini o's and suddenly after around two hours I was engulfed in massive sensations twice which both lasted for minutes and left me clinging onto the bed rails and moaning with sensation. I don't think it was a super-o but almost certainly a dry-o. I pulled the plug after the second orgasm because I wasn't sure at this time that I could take any more.That will be part of the further journey.
    I am surprised and pleased that I have such positive results from these lovely devices in such a short time. I must now exert my will power and refrain from abusing my prostate with overuse now that I have such confirmation of success.
    I will blog again about some of the elements that have been effective in my journey so far.

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