• )Quick( actually steady progress

    Humility should have warned me not to use the above title because the next session was not nearly so productive. Some one said in a blog that it is often two steps forward and one back!
    Tonight I tried out a new more comfortable douche and used a lube shooter both of which arrived today. I had been pre-lubing with a dropper and realised, by comparison, that it was too small an amount and not inserted far enough to deliver to the region needed.
    Although I did not get as far as my first blog there were loads of p-waves and mini-o's and at one point my prostate seemed to go manic and the aneros was bouncing around and there were lots of involuntary contractions. What ended the session was a recurring problem which I get constantly. I would be grateful for feedback: After an hour or so session bladder pressure interferes with focus on the prostate region and I have to break for a pee. I can resume and build the feeling but then after a further three quarters of an hour I get the same problem and the session just peters out.I often start a session and hope that I can get build quickly to beat the deadline. I have tried to manage food and liquid intake to avoid the problem but it has no effect; it seems to be the act of arousing the prostate that that causes the puzzle.
    Still, to end on a positive note: if tonights session is all there is then thats fine – I had loads of entrancing sensations and delicious feelings and I know from your blogs that there is more to come!!

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