• Pushing too hard!

    I have come to realize I may have been pushing the envelope a little too much lately. I’m having about 4 sessions per week over and above two A-less sessions per day. I have reverted back to viewing a lot of porn and all this in strong attempts to achieve the Super-O. Not a good situation.
    I need to get back on track and change gears a little. I need to slowdown and smell the flowers one good feeling at a time.
    I will start that immediately but first, a good A-less session.


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      03/22/2017at10:54 am

      @GGringo I think it’s great that you are able to assess your situation. We’ve all been there. I don’t think women understand men’s need for sex. We can’t just flip a switch and turn it off! My wife and I have had this discussion countless times! Are most guys addicted to sex? I think that we are hard-wired for it!

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      03/26/2017at9:53 pm

      @goldenboy, of course we are hard-wired for sex, isn’t it what we were made for? To say the truth it’s only due to socialization that men don’t mount whoever is crossing as long as she/he seems to be compatible. And after all wouldn’t it be better to make love, not war? BTW, that’s a bit like sex happens between two independent and liberal-minded men finding each other attractive – without all this love and live together forever issue women ask for. And having sex with an unburdoned soul is awesome! @GGringo, now please don’t begin to argue about addiction, three times a day was normal in teenage years, why should it be addiction in my mid fifties? As long as I get things done, I will stick to it! Good vibes to all of you, and now, gland, as @GGringo recommended, take over for some Aless! 😉

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