• pure pleasure

    I had a chance for a short session this morning. It started out a lot like my aneros sessions. The good feelings started almost immediately and would peak and subside. They were focused on my prostate but I was getting some nice feelings throughout my body. I'd call some of them dry orgasms.
    After about a 1/2 hour, something very different started to happen. Prior to this, the pleasure would spike up, feel really good, then die down. Around this 1/2 hour mark, I started to feel an extremely slow build of full-body pleasure. It built very very slowly and it was not centered around my prostate as the good feelings normally are for me. It felt as if I was wrapped in a blanket of pleasure. I don't remember having any anal contractions while this was happening. Anyways, I found myself immersed in this pleasure for several minutes. It was the most contented pleasure I have ever felt. I relaxed and just tried to be in the moment and enjoy it. After a few minutes, I started to get an erection and my anus started to pulse gently but rhythmically. It felt like I was getting really hard although I suspect it just felt this way. I've experienced this full feeling before but, upon checking, have found myself to be only partially erect. The erection and contractions cranked up the pleasure even more and it felt like things were headed to another level. After a minute or two of this, the feelings subsided. My guess is that I got too caught up in analyzing what was going on and this derailed things.
    I'm still feeling the after effects of this experience. The next time this happens, I hope I can allow it to progress. I can't imagine what's on the other side.

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