• Prostate Milking?

    After almost 2 weeks since any sexual activity of any sort, I finally had the time for another session tonight. I took my time, had a few beers, relaxed, watched a favourite movie etc.

    For the first time, there was no feeling of need to defacate, so I think my body must be getting used to this, and I was rock hard and dripping with pre-cum throughout the session. I did the usual contractions, and breathing while playing with myself, being careful not to play too much.

    Then, after 20 minutes or so, a feeling started somewhere other than my penis, it’s hard to define where (sorry, I know this doesn’t make sense). It felt like a mini orgasm, not as strong as a traditional orgasm, but very pleasurable. This lasted for a couple of minutes and white, milky fluid, more runny than cum oozed out of my penis. SO the question is … did I milk my prostate tonight, as I’ve read so much about?

    There was definitely no ‘super O’ as not long after that full of the feeling of success, I relaxed and masturbated to completion, having a fantastic orgasm, with much more cum and a stronger ejaculation. It was like a real pornstar cum!

    Feels like I’m making real progress, if I can just control myself!

    [I]Love, peace and good happiness stuff[/I]


    • 02/22/2020at5:07 am

      Believe me, you don‘t want to control yourself. Letting go is one of the biggest hurdles in your way. Tell that buzzing feeling down there representing your prostate, tell that second sexual brain of yours to take over and give you pleasure, not as a command, only allowing it and even begging for it. Then let it happen and you will see the best is yet to come.
      Yes, you milked your prostate, a semen retention phase of some weeks always is helpful for this. Your reservoirs are filled to the max. And they can overflow with some slight stimulation. Search for so called ruined (but even pleasureful) orgasms and you will learn you could do it all night until you‘re drained.
      After all congrats and good vibes for your further journey.

    • 02/22/2020at7:10 am

      Missed to add my usual recommendation to take in concern avoiding “completion” by masturbating for an ejaculation. Thus you only stick to old schemes, that better should be overwritten. Instead of fueling your arousal with semen retention you are falling back into that old pattern of stimulation, climax and refractory period, holding you back from nurturing your re-wiring process and experiencing multiple orgasms without any refractory period and getting hornier every day. Cheers, Mart

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