• The Noisy Cricket

    Hello to everyone. First of all sorry for my English. As English ist not my native language, I’ll try to do my very best. Many thanks to all of you for your own postings. They gave me great support and were very helpful as an abbriviation on my journey to the lustful world of prostate orgasms. Feeling in debth I would like to give back at least something by telling you about my own first steps and stumbles as a Newbie to prostate stimulation. So let’s start how I got my first Aneros.
    Having had some horny but not really satisfying experiences with a Nexus G-Rider some time ago, I liked to try something new. Having read some reports, I had chosen the Eupho Syn and was full of anticipation. Having a day off I found time and space for new experiences and prepared myself thoroughly. I defacated, had an enema and got some waterbased lube on my sphincter and on my Eupho, before I took it in. The first feeling was … dissapointment. Could it be true, that this tiny tool would impress me? The Nexus was so much bigger, I hardly could sense the small Eupho.
    Do you remember Men in Black? While searching for an appropriate weapon for Jay, Agent K found and gave him a “Noisy Cricket”.
    I felt like Jay. To thrust aside my sense of dissapointment I told myself to relax and to dampen my expectations, just lying on my back and trying to snooze a bit.
    What was the best to do! Sometime a little vibration came from where I knew my prostate is. In a sudden stirred by this little weapon my inner muscles took over command and some muscle tension shook my abdomen and my ass cheeks, as if they exactly knew where the Eupho should be to do its job best. Doing nothing voluntary I got a boner and felt a warm flow in my scrotum and up my penis. As known from stretching in the morning my whole body was under tension and the wonderful feelings flickered through it. This went on in higher waves for a while, I lost the sense for space and time and gave in – enjoying wonderful dry orgasms one after another. And yeeehaahhw, I felt like Jay again! (As you may remember: Upon firing his little weapon the first time, the recoil hurled Jay into a wall.) And this time I loved it. Great gifts come in little packages, someone else wrote down here, he’s so right! Do nothing worked best for me. But the really best was yet to come. Nevertheless I first would like to tell you about my new experiences during the last two weeks before I try to bring my diary up to date.
    As I am very open to suggestions that point me in the right directions feel free to make your comments, I am curious about them and about your own experiences on your journey. See you on the next level!

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      03/13/2020at5:52 pm

      I primarily use a vibrating toy that fully penetrates and the resulting orgasm shakes me to my core! 15 minutes or so!

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