• Prostate Milking Session 2.0

    Yesterday after lunch, finally, I had some alone time so I took advantage of it to do another p-milking session.  It had been a few weeks since my last milking, longer than I had planned but circumstances prevented me from engaging.
    I don’t know if the volume of fluids ejected in the session had anything to do with the delay but I estimate I had the equivalent of a full teaspoons worth of thick murky fluid dribbling from my penis.  The process took about ten to fifteen minutes with no efforts to generate pleasure from the event.  In other words, I did not use my NJOY Magic Wand as a dildo.
    Oddly enough, I did feel a few p-waves during the process but I did not pursue it as my mission was purely from a health perspective. 
    Following the procedure, I cleaned up, cleaned and put away my Wand and still had some alone time left so I setup on the couch and engaged in an Aless session.  This was an excellent session although not surprisingly, with not much precum.
    Last night, I had a full two hour session with my Helix Syn and my Maximus. I did not expect a good one following my earlier activities but it turned out to be an excellent one!
    This morning, I woke up fully refreshed and ready for another A-less sessions. Again, this one was an above-averaged one; I’m still tingling from it and my prostate is fully awake. I look forwards to my evening full session.
    This was my second time using the NJOY and I’m more convinced now that it is the right tool for the job; much better than my fingers and any Aneros massagers I ever used before.
    Life is wonderful!


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      02/23/2018at4:06 pm

      @GGringo Congratulations on your successful milking session! If I may ask, could you possibly describe what you do with the NJoy on your prostate? Light pressure? stroking? Does it hurt? Any after-effects? How do you know when you are “:finished”? I will understand if this is too personal. Thanks!

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      02/24/2018at12:17 am

      @goldenboy, I’m happy to answer all your questions!  Here’s how I do it:
      I inject liquid water based lube (2cc) in my rectum and lube (liquid gel) the small ball end of the Wand ready to use.  I lie on my left side on the bathroom floor with my right leg bent and on top of the tub side so my package is hanging and visible.  Through the front, I very slowly insert the tool in my rectum and push it in very gingerly.
      As I insert further, I feel the hump of the prostate as the ball contours it; I feel the tool travelling directly on and over the prostate and I feel the hump of the prostate also through the Wand itself. The feeling is more noticeable with the Wand than with any Aneros products due to (I presume) the more severe angle between the shaft of the tool and it’s ball end where the curves on the Aneros are far more sudle and refined.
      I move the tool slowly in and out, over the prostate and occasionally I slowly move it sideways over the organ. It is extremely easy to control the pressure applied on the prostate and unless I get reckless, I do not fear hurting myself at all. I prefer to take more time and not pursue pleasure in order not to hurt myself. I have plenty of other avenues for pleasure.
      What also helps is the material the Wand is made of; polished surgical stainless steel which makes it easy and travels very smoothly, making it easier on the sphincter itself. Another advantage is the ease of cleaning.
      When I see less and less fluids coming out and then the flow stopped completely, I know the job is done; approximately twelve to fifteen minutes in this case.
      The very first time I tried the Wand, I tried the big ball end and immediately felt it was dangerous to damage my prostate or the rectal wall. That is why I put it away for several months until I became more obsessed with milking my prostate again. Over two years ago, when I started my journey, my goal was to milk my prostate to relieve symptoms of possible BPH or something else (undiagnosed officially). I guess I got distracted with the possibility of a different source of pleasure.
      I’m not getting younger and enjoying prostate pleasure is great but I cannot afford to neglect my health. That is why I’m trying to keep the procedure separate from pleasure (at least for now and until my rewiring is completed).
      I hope this helps you.
      PS; I’m not trying to sell NJOY products, but this is the unit I found after research.
      Feel free to ask me anything you want; I’m always happy to help you or anyone else.
      Good vibes to you.

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      02/24/2018at10:02 am

      @GGringo Thanks for the detailed response! I’m sure this will be useful to any others interested in the prostate milking “procedure”!

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