• Prostate Milking 3.0

    This morning, I had my third milking session with this device. I’m adjusting the length between them sessions as one week is too soon. I feel once every two weeks should suffice. The fluids produced was only approximately one quarter of a tea spoon but it still feels good to ‘clean the pipes’ per se.
    Following this procedure, I had another memorable Aless session, this time with binaural beats.
    This is probably my last blog on this topic (unless something else is worth reporting) as this will become routine.

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      03/02/2018at2:19 am

      @GGringo, I salute you in this self-care of milking your prostate using the NJoy Wand. I think @goldenboy does this somewhat with his Aneros devices. I am really intrigued in prostate milking and would to do it myself in the near future.

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