• Progress is at hand

    So, since my first entry, I've had numerous sessions to account for. I can't describe them all, but I can give detailed timelines.
    -Relaxed, slight pleasure around penis, anus, perineum
    -heavy breathing (like an orgasm), large muscle quaking throught body, yet no pleasure
    -no shaking, some pleasure in penis
    -heavy breathing, medium/large muscle quaking, slight/medium pleasure
    -lengthened feeling before an orgasm (no satisfaction), twitching around genitalia, very "hot" anus, perineum, penis
    2 of these times, I inhaled a special herb and found positive results. Generally, I first relax and breathe for 10-15m after watching an adult movie, showering, or lying in bed. As I get more in tune with my body, I lie on my back, close my eyes and think about the prostate area, and "feel" it. Then I lube up the helix and my anus, and slip it in slowly, and then I get used to it's temperature and it's fitting, and I get comfortable. I consistently inhale slowly, hold for 4-6 seconds, and exhale slowly after relaxing. I almost always do this, and so far, it has yielded somewhat random results, haha.
    I'm REALLY looking forward to everything on this journey though, it's surprising what I find, but I'm always optimistic about my journey. I've had my helix for around 4-5 months so far.
    Input and opinions are greatly appreciated.

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