SO, it's getting along nicely. I think I may be reaching the mini/dry-o stage. With mini and dry-o's, d you get the same satisfaction sense, but it's just less intense? Today, I didn't feel any satisfaction, but I felt like I was nearing a peak….

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  • Progress is at hand

    So, since my first entry, I've had numerous sessions to account for. I can't describe them all, but I can give detailed timelines. -Relaxed, slight pleasure around penis, anus, perineum -heavy breathing (like an orgasm), large muscle quaking throught body, yet no pleasure -dud -no…

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  • First time

    So, I had my first session. Showered, cleaned, lubed, ready to go. I initially inserted it while laying on my side, then i turned onto my back laying normally. I started doing some deep breathing while contracting, as if when i breathed in, i contracted….

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